Syncler APK Download (Official) Android, FireStick & PC

A lot of effort goes into organizing and tracking your movies, TV shows, and anime. It will be fantastic to have one single application that lets you organize, browse, track, and sync all your movies, TV shows, and anime whether it is on TV, Mobile, PC, or on a tablet. In this post, we are going to talk about one such platform that goes by the name Syncler.

Install Syncler on Android, iOS and Firestick
Install Syncler on Android, iOS and Firestick

Below you will learn more about Syncler and get to know how to install Syncler App on multiple platforms viz Android, iOS, Firestick, and PC.

Features | What’s Special about Syncler?

The best part about Syncler is that it is protected from any kind of copyright issues that usually come up for streaming applications. TVZion, whose direct fork is Syncler, suffered the same fate and had to go offline. The developer of Syncler, though takes inspiration from TVZion, does not include any links or scrapers of its own in the platform thereby preventing it from facing the same threat as TVZion and other relative apps.

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However, if you are thinking you cannot utilize Syncler for streaming purposes, think again. Check out some of the cool features of Syncler below.

  • Syncler comes with a Debrid Suite (Debrid Cloud, Debrid Manager, and Magnet Picker). It allows you to stream content directly from your Debrid Cloud. The platform supports Real-Debrid, All Debrid, and Premiumize.
  • You can add third-party provider packages or scrapers to Syncler.
  • You can even create your own custom scrapers with Syncler.
  • If you plan to utilize Syncler on Smart TV, you must know that its interface for TV is entirely different from portable devices. This dedicated interface for TV helps to use the platform more efficiently.
  • You can stream Android TV Home recommendations directly on Syncler.
  • By logging into your account on Syncler, the platform will automatically update and keep a track of your movies and TV shows.
  • Since Syncler utilizes the TMDB API for TV/Movie Metadata, you get to see a lot of information for a title including resolution, bitrate, and more thereby allowing you to make a good choice among several links.
App Name Syncler APK
App Size 77.5MB
Earlier App Name TVZion [Fork]
Categories Movies and Shows
Downloads 10,000+
License Type Free
Compatibility Android, iOS, PC, FireStick, Apple TV & Roku

Going forward, let us check out how to install Syncler APK on Android devices.

Syncler APK on Android Devices

Since Syncler doesn’t carry links, provider packages, or scrapers of its own, you can easily install it on your Android mobile device or tablet from Google Play Store. Yes! Syncler is available on Play Store.


However, if you wish, you can also directly download the Syncler Latest APK file on an Android mobile device and follow the regular APK installation process. For more information, please tap on the link provided below.

   Syncler APK

Syncler APK on Firestick/Fire TV & Fire TV Cube

If you own a Fire device, you can install Syncler on your Firestick device and get all the entertainment on the big screen of your television. Following are the steps, in brief, to install Syncler on Firestick/Fire TV.

  • To install Syncler on Firestick, you need to have the Downloader App installed on your Fire device.

Launch Downloader App

  • Launch the Downloader App and in the Home section of the application, you will have a space to enter the URL.

Syncler APK Installation Path

  • In this space, you are required to enter the URL to download Syncler’s Latest APK file on your Fire device.
  • Post successful download of the APK file, the Fire device will launch the installation process upon your confirmation.

Launch Syncler APK Installed

  • That’s it! Within a minute you will have Syncler installed on Firestick.

Please tap on the below-embedded link to check out the APK download URL for Syncler on Firestick and the steps in detail.

   Syncler on Firestick

Integrate your Debrid Account with Syncler [STEPS]

We did mention in the beginning that you can stream content directly from the Debrid cloud on Syncler. However, you do require logging into your Debrid account on Syncler to do so. Following are the steps that you require following for the same.

  • Please launch Syncler and go to Settings > Accounts.

open real debrid

  • Select Real-Debrid.

open real debrid

  • An authorization code will come up. Write it down somewhere.
  • Please open a web browser on any device and make your way to Real Debrid.
  • On this page, you are required to enter the code that you have noted down above.
  • Great! Now, if asked, log in to your Real-Debrid account.
  • That’s it! Now if you go back to Syncler you will see your Real-Debrid account added.

Syncler App on iOS (iPhone/iPad)

If you wish to install Syncler on iOS, you require taking assistance of a third-party App Store like AppValley or TutuApp. You can do so without jailbreaking your iOS device.


All you need to do is install AppValley or TutuApp on your iPhone/iPad. Post successful installation of the third-party App Store, just search for Syncler in them and install in the same fashion as you do so from the regular Apple App Store. For your convenience, we have covered the detailed steps for the same in the link provided below.

   Syncler on iOS

Syncler on Windows 10/8/8.1/7 PC/Laptop & MAC Computer

Installing Syncler on a Windows/MAC PC is simple. All you need is to have an Android Emulator installed on your machine. We recommend Nox App Player for this purpose. You can download the offline setup for Nox App Player for Windows/MAC from the official website.

   Syncler on PC

Post successful installation of the Android Emulator, all you need to do is install Syncler APK on the emulator. For detailed steps and more information for Syncler on PC, please tap on the link provided below.

Syncler on Roku

If you own a Roku device, then you will be excited to know that Syncler is compatible with Roku as well. If you wish to B, then you must own an Android mobile device. All you need to do is cast content from Syncler via the LocalCast application installed on your Android device to your Roku device.

   Syncler on Roku

Confused? Don’t worry! We have got you covered. Tap on the below link to check out the detailed steps and more information on how to install Syncler on Roku.

How to Use Syncler App

  • When you launch Syncler for the first time, you will witness endless scroll lists. Hence, you really don’t require going anywhere other than the Home Page making Syncler effortless to use.
  • You can directly stream content from Debrid Cloud on Syncler plus you continue watching titles from Android TV Home on Syncler.
  • The episode list for TV Shows is continuous. It means you don’t have to switch to a different season to check episodes for that particular season. All episodes come in one single list.

Latest Syncler

  • There’s a special content section in Syncler that contains categories like Upcoming, airing today, new in HD, and Recently Acquired.
  • If you wish, you can even watch trailers on the application.

Syncler App – Common Errors & Fixes

As it is common with any application, there are some issues that will be prevalent with users all across the globe. Issues like Syncler Not Working/Not Installing, Buffering, No Data Links/No Content Available, and Syncler App Crashing are common. So, if you are facing any issues while installing or using Syncler, we have got you covered. Tap on the link provided below to check out our post in which we have compiled all common errors and their fixes.

Syncler Common Errors and Fixes

Browsing Experience on Syncler App

Let’s talk about the Browsing Experience of the Syncler Application, we will just cut it down in bits for more understanding:

  • Spectacular User Interface.
  • Apart from Android devices, it’s made for Android TV.
  • A fully personalized home screen is another stuff we want to talk about. It consists of endless scrolling with many diversified lists of different genres.
  • You can play random episodes with a single click.
  • In Syncler you will get the easiest episode browser, where you will be able to select the episodes without selecting the season [You have that option too].
  • The watch list section of the Syncler App is commendable. It goes like this:
    • All
    • TV
    • Movie
    • A-Z sort list.
  • The special Contents section is also available on Syncler Home Screen:
    • Up Next
    • Newest in HD Section.
    • Airing Today.
    • Recently Aired.
  • You can filter the search results according to the genre, date, popularity, and release dates.
  • You can customize the thumbnail like, changing grid sizes, disabling texts on thumbnails, and many more.
  • There is an option called trailers also, where you can watch the trailers before you go for a full-fledged movie.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Q – Is Syncler compatible with Chromecast?

Yes! You can cast content to the big screen of television from Syncler via Chromecast.

Q – Does Syncler come with external player support?

Yes! Apart from the built-in player, Syncler does support external playback on VLC and MX Player.

Q – Is Syncler ad-free?

To get the ad-free experience of Syncler; you require subscribing to Syncler+ or S+ membership.

Conclusion – Syncler App on Android, iOS, Firestick & PC

So, here we are at the end of this post. We hope that you are all set with the Syncler app up and running on your device. If you face any kind of difficulty during the installation process or want to know more about Syncler, please shoot down your issues and queries in the comments section provided below.

Thank You.