BlueStacks Vs Nox – Which is the Best for PC (Windows & MAC)?

When it comes to Android Emulators, two names come on the top viz BlueStacks and Nox. If, anytime, you have looked online as to how to run Android apps and games on PC, you would have encountered two names viz BlueStacks and Nox App Player. Most of the first-time users go into a dilemma as to which emulator to go ahead with. We are hopeful that, after reading this post, you will be quick to decide as to whether you should go ahead with Bluestacks or Nox for Windows PC/MAC Computer.

Both BlueStacks and Nox are considered the best of all available Android Emulators. The primary reasons behind this incredible popularity are consistent updates, timely addition of new features, periodic improvements in the user interface, dependability, and compatibility with the latest Android apps and games. However, still people want to know as to which is the best for PC (Windows/MAC). Continue reading to check more details. Do you want to delete files and images permanently from your android device? Then check this out, the 4 best ways to delete the files permanently from your android device.


Nox vs Bluestacks – How to Decide?

Below we will be discussing as to how both the emulators perform in different areas.  Now, let’s explore the process! Do you wanna try something different from facetime? here are the best Facetime alternative apps for Android.


As far as the features go, both Android emulators are equipped with key features like multiple 381607 instances, mapping, in-app record, and more. However, BlueStacks does outperform Nox in certain features like the latter has features like changing device profiles, automatic cursor lock-in shooting games, and more.


The globally accepted way to compare the performance of two software is to check the benchmark results which take into consideration FPS, app compatibility, CPU/RAM usage, and more to compute a score for the software. In this case the latest version viz BlueStacks 4 scored significantly more points as compared to the latest version of Nox App Player.

Nox App Player

Ease of Use

Since BlueStacks is equipped with more features as compared to Nox, it’s user interface is much more complex. BlueStacks occupies more space and requires 2 GB minimum RAM as compared to the minimum of 1 GB RAM required by Nox.

So, in this case, we can say that Nox App Player, due to its simplistic user interface, is much lighter and simpler to use as compared to BlueStacks. Again, this depends on the user whether they are taking user-friendliness into account or not when choosing between BlueStacks and Nox.


If you have installed BlueStacks on your PC, you must have realized that the set up for the same asks you to disable firewall and defender as well. Without disabling, you cannot proceed through the installation of BlueStacks.

However, if we consider the same in Nox, the lightweight emulator doesn’t demand you to disable any of your PC’s security provisions for the installation to continue. This puts a big question mark on the safety of BlueStacks. So, here, Nox App Player emerges as a clear winner.

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Legal Status

If we talk about the legal status, then you must know that the Android Emulators are not running the official version of the Android operating system. But still, people use the emulators and they are accepted as well. So, for both BlueStacks and Nox, this thing remains the same. While BlueStacks has biggies like Samsung and AMD behind it, Nox App Player is not behind as it is supported by Tencent.

Bluestacks Emulator

System Requirements

As mentioned above, BlueStacks incorporates more features and, as such, is heavier than Nox App Player. While Nox requires 1 GB RAM and 3 GB of hard disk space, BlueStacks needs 2 GB RAM and 4 GB of free hard disk space. So, if you have space/hardware issues on your PC and are looking for a lightweight Android emulator, then Nox App Player is a clear choice here. Do you wanna create emojis on your Mac? Try this amazing guide on how to create and use Memoji in MacO

Final Shot!– BlueStacks vs Nox | Which is the best?

The best way to decide between BlueStacks and Nox is to check your requirements, the available hardware, and whether you are a first time user. If you are just beginning out to use an Android Emulator and along with that your PC’s hardware specs are average; then it is ideal for you to go ahead with Nox App Player. This is because Nox is lightweight, easy to use, compatible with popular Android apps and games, and doesn’t even put an excessive load on your PC.

On the other hand, if you are using Android Emulators for a considerable period and own a PC with a high-end configuration, then you must go ahead with BlueStacks. You can enjoy high-end gaming and even app development with BlueStacks. Moreover, since a majority of the users complain about the load that BlueStacks put on a PC, you won’t feel the same as your PC’s running on high-end specs. Check this before you leave: How to Add Custom Ringtone to iPhone with Easiest Method.

So, here we are at the end of our debate. We hope that the above points helped you in making the decision quickly. If you have any further queries in your mind, please reach out to us with your questions via the comments section provided below.

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