The Safest and Best Ways to Log In to Your Computer

Are you unsure of how safe your computer is? Your computer may contain a lot of your professional as well as personal files that need to be preserved. Thus, it is important to choose a wise way to login to your computer. Also, it should ensure that no one else has access to the computer. … Read more

Should you buy the Xbox Series X Seagate Expansion Card?

Xbox Series X Seagate Expansion Card

Xbox Series X game consoles have definitely leveled up the gaming experience we receive. You can enjoy 4K gaming in the smoothest way with this console. However, one of the major issues faced by Xbox users is limited storage. Microsoft has been developing many different ideas to improve the quality of gaming in Xbox Series … Read more

Top 6 Best Firewall Software for Windows [LIST]

FireWall SoftWares for Windows

Top Free Firewall Software for Windows [Updated List]: If you are seeking free firewall protection for your Windows PC/Laptop, then you have reached the correct post. However, before we start, let us have a look at few basics. What is a Firewall? In layman terms, you can consider a firewall as a protective shield that … Read more

7 Best AirDrop Alternatives for Windows PC

AirDrop Alternatives for PC

Share Files Quickly on Windows | Top AirDrop Alternatives for Windows: If you are here then you are available that AirDrop, file-sharing system for iOS devices, doesn’t support any other platform other than iOS. While AirDrop is pretty decent in terms of features and functionality, the same cannot be utilized by Windows users. Fret not! … Read more