Control Center on Mac Now with macOS Big Sur | How to Configure & Use

Users of macOS have long utilized the menu bar to quickly access certain settings. However, more quick access icons you place on your macOS menu bar, more cluttered it will look. With macOS Big Sur, Apple has simplified the approach by introducing Control Center. Just like you have a Control Center on your iPhone through which you can quickly access Settings like WiFi, Bluetooth, Volume, Brightness, and more; similarly, macOS Big Sur brings the Control Center to the Mac.

Customize Menu Bar with Control Center Mac Big Su

With a single click, you can activate Control Center with its palette of options like WIFI, Bluetooth, AirDrop, DND, Keyboard Brightness, Screen Mirroring, and more. It’s easy now, You can Run Windows Apps & Games on M1 Macs through CrossOver 20.


What does macOS Big Sur Control Center contains?

Once you hit the Control Center icon, present on your Mac menu bar, you will notice that, by default, controls for the basic options are already present. Check out the default list below.

  • WiFi
  • Bluetooth
  • AirDrop
  • Do Not Disturb
  • Keyboard Brightness
  • Screen Mirroring
  • Display
  • Sound
  • Now Playing

Please note that these options are not limited to merely toggling ON/OFF. If you tap any one of these options, additional controls for the same will come up. A very good example is the WiFi option. The blue icon is for toggling WiFi ON/OFF. However, if you tap on the text label, you can actually see the list of available WiFi networks and even access the Network Preferences window. If you are looking for best android emulator for Mac, I would suggest you to read this Review of BlueStacks Vs Mac.

Is Customization of Control Center possible?

If you wish to customize the Control Center you require navigating to the Dock & Menu Bar pane of System Preferences. Here you will see a full-list of available Control Center options in the sidebar.

Docks & Menu Bar Big Sur Update
  • For the modules that are already present in the Control Center, you will see the option Show in Menu Bar. Using this option, you can pin any module from the Control Center onto the menu bar.
Docks & Menu Bar Mac Big Sur
  • If you scroll down further, you will see a section captioned as Other Modules having Accessibility Shortcuts, Battery, and, Fast User Switching.
  • If you tap on any of the Other Modules, you will see an option Show in Control Center along with.
  • As an example, if you choose to show the Battery module in the Control Center, you will get to know the charging status of your Mac in percentage.
  • Fast User Switching module shows all the available user accounts in a single pane and selecting any one of them will switch you to that account.
  • Accessibility Shortcuts will provide you quick access to features like VoiceOver, Zoom, Invert Colors, Color Filters, Accessibility Keyboard, and more.
Customize Menu Bar & Dock Menu with Big Sur Mac Update

If you don’t wish to navigate to System Preferences to customize your menu bar or Control Center, you can also drag-and-drop a particular module from the Control Center onto the menu bar to add the particular module to the menu bar as well. This is the easiest way to Create & Use Memoji in macOS Big Sur Update.

Leave the Cluttered Menu Bar Behind | macOS Big Sur brings Control Center to the Mac

That was all, from our side, regarding the amazing Control Center on macOS Big Sur. Just like the iPhone, Control Center on Mac helps to access and take care of the basic tasks quickly and efficiently.

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