Install Syncler APK on FireStick in 1 Minute [Full Steps]

Install Syncler on Firestick – Stream Content from Debrid Cloud on Firestick: After the sudden and the unfortunate end of the regime of TVZion, the perplexed users were looking frantically for an alternative when Syncler entered into the picture.

Syncler APK Download on FireStick
Syncler APK Download on FireStick

Unlike TVZion, Syncler doesn’t fetch its own links or carry its own inbuilt scrapers. This means, in contrast with TVZion, Syncler is present on Google Play Store to download and install. However, in this post, we are going to tell you the steps to install Syncler on Firestick/Fire TV. Android Users must check  – Download Syncler APK (TVZion Fork) on Android Mobiles & Tablets.


Why Prefer Syncler – Alternative to TVZion?

The first and foremost reason behind preferring Syncler over TVZion is the fact that Syncler Latest APK cannot face the same consequences or copyright complaints like TVZion did forcing it to retire permanently. Apart from that, following are some of the primary features of Syncler.

  • Manage your Debrid account from Syncler itself as it comes with the Debrid Suite containing Debrid Manager, Magnet Picker, and Debrid Cloud.
  • You can stream content present on Debrid Cloud directly on Syncler. Syncler supports Real Debrid, Premiumize, and All Debrid.
  • The Advanced Meta Detection functionality provides you a ton of essential information regarding the videos like resolution, bitrate, and more thereby helping you to make a good selection for playback.
  • Watch list, liked list, and Trakt collection; you can easily access these by linking your account with Syncler.
  • Android TV Home is present in Syncler. Hence, content from your Android TV Home is directly available on Syncler for streaming. Moreover, the interface of Syncler on TV is entirely different from the one you will see in portable devices.
  • Voice Search is present enabling you to search for the preferred content via your voice.
  • If you are using Syncler on a mobile device, you can stream content directly to a big screen via Chromecast.
  • For those who love Anime must know that Syncler has a dedicated section for Anime content as well.

Are the above features making you curious? Let’s get going then with the steps to install Syncler APK on Firestick. If you are interested in know the update about Syncler App on iOS, do check this out.

Install Syncler APK on Firestick

Let’s stream content from Android TV Home on Firestick via Syncler App.

Phase 1 > 

  • Navigate to Settings > My Fire Device > Developer Options.Syncler APK Enable Developer Options
  • Turn ON the option of Apps from Unknown Sources.Enable Unknown Sources Syncler APK
  • A screen asking your confirmation will come up. Tap on Turn ON. Turn on Unknown Sources - Syncler APK

Phase 2 >

  • Simply tap on the Search option present on the home page of your Fire device and look for Downloader App.Search 'Downloader' on FireStick
  • Install the Downloader App on your Firestick.Download Downloader App on FireStick
  • Launch the application and provide the required permissions when asked.Launch Downloader App
  • You will see a menu on the left-hand side of the application. Tap on Settings and make sure JavaScript is active.Enable JavaScript FireStick Syncler App
  • Then, tap on the Home option in the Menu. 
  • In the space to enter the URL, enter the following URL and hit Go to download the Syncler Latest APK file on Firestick.

Syncler APK Installation Path

  • After the APK downloads, the Fire device will launch the installation process itself by asking your confirmation for installation of the APK.Install Syncler APK on FireStick
  • After successful installation, simply tap on Done to exit the screen.Syncler APK Installed on FireStick & Fire TV Cube
  • Please make sure that, after successful installation, when your Firestick asks you about deleting the Syncler APK file; you proceed with the deletion.

    Delete Syncler App on FireStick
    Delete Syncler App on FireStick
  • Confirm the deletion, and click on “Launch Syncler App” from the icon at the bottom side.Confirm Deletion of Syncler APK
  • If App asks for any permission, Click on ‘OK’.Give Permission to Syncler App on FireStick and Fire TV Cube
  • If Syncler Installer ask ‘Allow access to photos, media and files on your device’, click on ‘Allow’.Allow Syncler App on FireStick
  • Next, It start exporting.
  • You can find the installed ‘Syncler APK’ on FireStick home screen after above all steps, You can go ahead and launch it.Launch Syncler APK Installed
  • After installation and everything, You can see the installed Syncler App on home screen.Installed Syncler APK App on FireStick

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[How-To] Setup Syncler [Kosmos Package]

Since Syncler doesn’t come with its own scrapers or packages, if you wish to fetch content, you require downloading a provider package that will scrape streaming links for you. For your convenience, we have provided the steps for the same below.

  • Please launch Syncler App on Firestick.

Launch Syncler App - Mod - Ad Free

  • Tap on Settings.
  • From the Settings menu, please tap on Provider Packages.

Tap on Settings - Syncler App

  • Tap on Kosmos.

Choose Kosmos - Syncler App

  • A pop-up will come up holding an authorization code. Please note the same down.

Installed Syncler App Authorization Code

  • Next, please launch a web-browser and make your way to
  • When asked, please enter the code that you noted down and hit Next.
  • Upon tapping on Next, the URL will insert a Provider File. You can either utilize the following URL or enter your own URL and tap on Done.

Tap on Next and Done Syncler Pro VIP Free

  • That’s it! Please make your way back to Syncler and you will see that the Provider Package has come up.

Kosmos Setup Installed

Though you can install a Provider Package with Syncler; however, if you wish to fetch high-quality links, you require integrating Real-Debrid with Syncler. Following are the steps for the same.

Integrate Real-Debrid with Syncler [STEPS]

  • Similar as above, please go to Settings in Syncler.
  • Tap on Accounts.

Settings Syncler App on FireStick

  • Tap on Real-Debrid.Real Debrid Syncler Setup
  • Again an authorization code will come up. Note it down.Real Debrid Authorization Code Syncler APK
  • Next, launch a web browser and visit
  • Just enter the code in the provided space and tap on Continue.Enter the Code - Syncler App
  • Please login into your Real-Debrid account if asked.
  • That’s it! Go back to Syncler now and you will see at the bottom of the menu that your Real-Debrid account has come up.

Syncler App Real Debrid Setup Successfully Completed

Please note that the free version of Syncler comes with ads. If your good self requires an ad-free version of Syncler then you require subscribing to Syncler+ Premium. If you are interested to do so, you can purchase Syncler+ membership. Following are the steps for the same.

How to Subscribe to Syncler+ | Syncler+ Premium Membership

As a first, you require selecting a Syncler+ package. You can view the available packages at:

Post purchasing a package, you require signing into Syncler app with the Syncler+ credentials. Now, if you wish to fetch high-quality links you require setting up Express packages with Syncler+. Following are the steps for the same.

  • From Syncler, open the Menu and tap on Settings > Provider Packages.

Tap on Settings - Syncler App

  • Please tap on Express.Tap on Express Syncler VIP App
  • Again, make sure you note down the authorization code.Syncler App Authorization Code
  • Launch a web browser and visit
  • Enter the code that you have noted down and tap on Next.Enter the Code Syncler App
  • Next, the insertion of Provider File will take place. You can enter your own URL or select any one of the following provider packages.
  • Now, simply go back to Syncler and you will see the Express package successfully installed.Package Installed Syncler App

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Q – Does Syncler Supports External Players?

Yes! You can play content on MX Player or VLC from Syncler.

Q – Does Syncler Support Helios?

Yes! If you opt for Syncler+ or S+ Syncler Ad-Free APK membership, you can use Helios on the same.

Q – Does Syncler has Add-ons?

Syncler does support third-party add-ons.

Q – Does Syncler has Scrapers?

Syncler doesn’t come with scrapers of its own. However, you can build a custom scraper for yourself.

Q – How to Use Syncler?

The Home Page of Syncler features endless lists. You can scroll the same indefinitely without leaving the home screen.

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Final Words – Syncler APK Free Download on Firestick

That’s all regarding the installation of Syncler on Firestick. For any kind of doubts or confusions you can reach out to us via the comments section provided below. If you face any kind of issue while installing or using Syncler on Firestick, let us know of the same as well.

Thank You.

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