Top 5 FaceTime Alternative Apps for Android

As you know you can utilize FaceTime only on Apple products and for communicating with other Apple product which has FaceTime. However, there’s no FaceTime available for Android users.

FaceTime Alternatives
FaceTime Alternatives

But, you don’t require purchasing an Apple product to enjoy the sleek experience of FaceTime. In this post, we are going to tell you about Top 5 FaceTime Alternative Apps for Android. You can also check out our best guide on How to add custom ringtone on iPhone [Easiest method out there].


Best FaceTime Alternatives for Android Users

Google Hangouts

You can utilize Hangouts from Google for both real-time video and text chat. The coolest thing about Hangouts is that it is a cross-platform application and you just require your Google ID to work with it. Being cross-platform means, you can utilize Hangouts on your MAC Computer and iPhone as well. Other than providing you a way to connect with your loved ones; you can have conversations with a maximum of 10 persons at once on Hangouts.

Google Hangouts - FaceTime Alternative
Google Hangouts – FaceTime Alternative

Also, you can make a voice call to another Hangout user from the app for free. While FaceTime works better on Wi-Fi, Google Hangouts works pretty well on mobile data too.


Since 2003, Skype is still continuing and remains a dependable choice for many for messaging and video calls. You can even get a Skype phone number at nominal rates through which you can make international calls to any number in the world.

You do have to load currency in it. Otherwise messaging and video calls from skype to skype are free. Since it’s a cross-platform application, you have it on Android, Windows, as well as iOS.  We have a sperate guide on How to create & use memoji in macOS Big Sur.

WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp needs no introduction. Everybody who own a smartphone whether it’s Android or iOS; has WhatsApp installed to stay in touch with their loved ones. 

WhatsApp - FaceTime Alternative for Android

Apart from sending messages and making audio/video calls over Wi-Fi and mobile data, WhatsApp In-Chat Payment feature allows you to send/receive money to/from your friends and family as well. Apart from having a mobile version, you can utilize WhatsApp on your Windows/MAC Computer as well via WhatsApp Web. Of course, you require keeping your phone connected to the internet and nearby your PC for synchronization; but it offers convenience to reply to the messages and share files, photos, and audio without having to touch your phone in the process.


Initially Viber was simply a text and an audio messaging application. However, later on, audio call and video call was added to the existing functionalities of the application. The biggest advantage of Viber is that it was built specifically for mobile screens so it looks quite sleek and clean.

Viber - FaceTime Alternative

Then we have Viber Out service, that allows you to call non-Viber users and even landlines, or any number who are not present on Viber. This international calling service is one of the primary features of Viber.


If you are just looking for an application with a simplistic and basic functionality of video/audio call, messaging, and file transfer then imo is the application you are looking for. The benefit of using imo is that the video call quality is much superior than other relative apps.

imo app - Similar App like FaceTime
imo App

Final Words – Popular Alternative Apps to FaceTime on Android

These are the 5 popular Similar Alternative apps to FaceTime on Android. If you want to add further to the list, please do so by mentioning the FaceTime alternative of your choice in the comments section provided below.

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